El Crucero

34° 60´ Latitud S, 71° 36´ Longitud O

Another one of our principal vineyard is located in Palmilla, in the commune of Chile, within the province of Colchagua, which is strongly linked to Chile’s colonial history, a land of strong rural tradition.  This winery has 60 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon. It is in this winery where our Guest House can be found, which has been part of our winery since 1997.

The wines that we obtain from this winery are characterised by being more concentrated, with mature fruits and very sweet tannins.

Altitude: 360 mts. Above sea level


Main Varities

  • Cabernet Sauvignon


This vineyard is established in a Mediterranean climate, the maritime influence enters the valley through the Tinguiririca river basin. A very diverse climate, warmer during the day and very fresh at night.


This vineyard is located upon alluvial soils caused by the melt waters coming from the mountain range, soils formed by the river Tinguiririca, which are of great depth and with a youthful formation and evolution.



El Crucero