Area Section Sustainability Actions
Orange Sustainability Policy Dissemination of sustainability policy online, to our staff, and to the community. The policy establishes seven principles which are sustainability objectives.
Ethics Updating of the Code of Ethics and dissemination of our principles online, to employees, to the community, and to providers.
Guidelines set for the Sales Area regarding ethical competition.
Protocols set for interactions with government representatives in order to avoid practices that violate the probity law.
Relationship with Providers We use best practices for provider evaluation and provider audits in order to give them our input regarding the terms of contracts, quality of products, and their services. This helps them to improve their management models.
We involve providers in our work towards creating a culture of sustainability and social responsibility through Self-Evaluations.
Human Rights Campaign against discrimination at Viña Siegel
Sexual harassment workshops for employees
Environment Identification of neighboring communities
We work in accordance with current environmental standards and submit the declarations required by health department and environmental authorities.
We identify our significant environmental impacts and use an Environmental Management Program with a focus on hazardous waste, phytosanitary applications, and safe handling of fuel.
We actively participate in environmental initiatives including the Palmilla Municipal Environmental Committee.
We have plans for saving energy and for promoting responsible use of water.
We offer environmental education courses to our employees.
Quality of Life at Work We share the company’s achievements with our employees, including awards, distinctions, and certifications.
We offer activities outside of work to strengthen integration, including celebrations of Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, national holidays, and the close of each year.
Occupational Health and Safety We encourage a healthy lifestyle through a Sports Day that includes the Viña Siegel Marathon and a zumba competition.
We offer Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Workshops.
Biannual job satisfaction surveys are conducted in order to further develop positive aspects and design a plan to address problem areas.
Employees are given permission to take five paid days per year in order to take care of personal business, mourn a loss, or care for a sick relative.
Commitment to the Community We have organized community surveys in order to strengthen positive social impacts and develop a plan of action to address negative ones.
There is a formal communication channel between Viña Siegel, the neighboring community, and local authorities.
The winery contributes to aesthetic development that improves quality of life in the area as well as canal maintenance, roadway cleaning, weeding, and spraying of roads.
The company allows the community to use its property. The Fundo San Alberto playing field is open to the community for sporting events.
We work with the Colchagua Wine Institute to offer paid internships to students who need them.
Marketing and Commitment to Clients We use best practices in manufacturing and HACCP certification systems.
Managers conduct reviews biannually.
We conduct annual drills that validate the Client Complaint and Recall procedures.
Implementation and Monitoring Annual internal audits are conducted in order to measure the level of sustainability certification.
Area Section Sustainability Actions
Red Waste Reduction and Recycling Paper and Toner Recycling Campaign in cooperation with COAR’s “Recycling Smiles” program
Donation of glass to CODEFF
Sale of plastic and cardboard recyclables for the Wellbeing Committee
Incorporation of new technologies into the waste water treatment system
Energy Savings Our Master Savings Plan  incorporates practices such as a protocol for turning out lights and equipment maintenance.
Water Management We are currently working under a Water Savings Master Plan with consumption indexes. We also monitor water quality to ensure that all processes are executed safely.
Occupational Safety One of the stated goals of the Sustainability Policy is related to occupational safety. We have developed an Occupational Safety Program that includes campaigns, talks, and the distribution of information.
Prevention of Environmental Pollution With the identification of significant environmental aspects and impacts, steps have been taken to avoid pollution throughout the flow of the process.
Implementation and Monitoring Internal audits are conducted frequently in order to measure the level of fulfillment of sustainability certification requirements.
Area Section Sustainability Actions
Green Management of Established Vineyards The operational activities in the vineyards are established in the Agricultural Procedure.
We have practices in place to prevent:

  • Erosion of the soil: speed bumps, concrete ditches, hedges, plants along the canals, etc.
  • Soil compaction: application of plant material between the rows, subsoiling
  • Soil analysis, monitoring of soil pits
  • Plant maintenance in interrow areas
Environmental goal of lowering amount of phytosanitary applications compared to previous year
Compliance with regulations regarding storage of phytosanitary materials, fuels, and hazardous waste
Master Plan for Conserving Water, Fuel, and Energy with consumption indexes
Training Plan for employees
We have biodiversity areas in two of our vineyards as well as reforestation and planting areas in an effort to support the Conaf Campaign.
Implementation and Monitoring Internal audits are conducted each year in order to measure the level of fulfillment of sustainability certification requirements.