Specialized Journalists Visit our Los Lingues Vineyard

As part of the Colchagua Valley Wine Route we were chosen by a group of journalists specialized in wine to visit us and learn more about our wines and Terroir.

They visited us on 26 September at 10:30 AM. They travelled through a large part of our vineyard where the testing area takes place. We shared a pleasant tasting of our Los Lingues wines as a sample of the Andean sector. This tasting was held in the same vineyard near the testing pit where we explained to them our wines near the mountain range with the influence of climates and soils.

Among the journalists who visited us were: Mariana Martínez from Planeta Vinos y Reinas y Copas, Alejandro Mery from Guía 800, Macarena Bravo from Portal del Campo, Alejandro Túmayan from Todo Vinos, Valentina Miranda from Vitis Magazine, Consuelo Goeppinger from Nirvino, Travel Time and Sky Airline, Catalina Wallace from Emol, Cristian Pavez from Revista Zona, Gilberto Wilton from Gao, Pilar Larraín from The University of Chile, Vladimir Veliz from Canel de Vino, Pablo Schwarzkopf, among others.