First Siegel Run

On Wednesday, 4 September 2013 the first SIEGEL Marathon was carried out in our company with the objective of promulgating healthy living and sport from the company to its workers.

This sporting activity’s principal activity was a 6 kilometer run through the San Alberto de Peralillo Vineyard together with 90 minutes of entertaining dance for all its members who, on having finished the event, enjoyed a large table of healthy food. All areas of Siegel Vineyard participated: administrative, agriculture, and wine cellar together with production. We counted on the presence and support of large sponsors such as: Caja de compensación La Araucana, Indura, Partner, Red Bull, Mutual de Seguridad, Manantiales, among others.

The SIEGEL Marathon was a great success, healthy living and sport was promoted to our workers along with achieving a moment of union, fun, and great motivation for each member. One of the main objectives of this activity is to promote a warm working environment contributing to generate a comprehensive image of the company and to strengthen the self-esteem of each member while resulting in improved work performance and generating interpersonal bonds between peers.